Vision for the future

Vision for the future of BioNova

BioNova also offer rental and lease options on all BioNova products from food waste producers to any other organic waste producers. Resulting in collection of a dry product enables more affordable logistics and avoids transporting water.

This product could be used as:

  • Soil improver
  • Biomass for Power Plants producing heat and/or electricity.
  • Biomass for Pyrolysis producing Biochar, gas, liquid and electricity.
  • Booster for AD plants (with up to 5 times better gas production).Possibilities could include a new concept for Waste management companies to optimise the use of dry organic material.

BioNova Range now includes BioNova Disc Dryers specifically for…

  • Sewage sludge
  • Food industry sludge
  • Other sludge from organic material.
  • Could be used as biomass for Power plants or for Pyrolysis

Ask about our “Obligation Free Waste Audits” for your business-professional Soil improvement or Biomass requirements.

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