BioNova Waste Solution transform organic waste to Biomass within 24h.

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Dear Environmental Friend!

BioNova encourages you to explore and enquire on WHY? we are the Organic Waste Leaders. Well! firstly, you have to examine & understand mother nature’s bioactivity, and you must advance mother nature’s enzymes (Bionova Ecosystem), combined with world recognised biodigesters.

And from that, we loyally represent to any size business- Fast Quality Biomass that can assist with –

  • Biofertilizer for soil improvement
  • Increase Gas Production for AD plant- “Stockfeed” (Up to 5 times gasification)
  • By Incinerating creates Hot Air or Hot Water Production (similar calorific content to brown coal)
  • By Pyrolysis creates valuable Biochar/Bio Oil & Gas

Therefore, Our Greatest Achievements Represent-

  • Reduction with Landfill & transport costs, methane burning & new CO2 production
  • The largest range of Feasible Quality European & Australasian Products
  • Lowest energy demand
  • 0 Added Valuable Water
  • Pathogen & Odour Free- No Rodents!
  • Knowledge of producing QUALITY biomass output with the available onsite resources!
  • A True Biodigester and NOT a Dehydrator, there is a huge difference!
  • A No Obligation “Waste Audit Service” to demonstrate your companies Co2 & monetary savings & “Add Backs”, from small restaurants to large AD Power Plants and everything in between.

WHY? BioNova Ecosystem & Biodigester Combinations

BioNova has advanced the BioNova CC enzymes to today within 24hrs reducing your organic waste between (10-30% of quality valuable biomass). The enzyme developments are planned to become even quicker in the near future.

With the BioNova CC enzymes, our biodigesters now require less energy & valuable water(capex) requirements, and therefore it became evident that the development of our larger scale products became feasible for our project managers and valued customers. Good organic enzymes create their own heat and break down organic matter more rapidly resulting in quality biomass and therefore less power required. Please refer to our products & case studies pages!

Contact us for your No Obligation Waste Audit Report and start saving on transport & increasing tip levy costs and most of all, The Planet!

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“We need to make the change”

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