Welcome to BioNova

Book ImageBioNova has been engaged within the environmental promoting technology since beginning of 1990 by focusing on treatment of organic materials.

By our knowledge and experiments in Composting, Biogas and Animal feedstuff we have realized the problems with odours and unhealthy environments that forced us to solve these problems.


It’s simple…

BioNova needs to be fed – and just like you and I, it’s best done gradually. Too much all at once isn’t good for digestion!
  • Just steadily feed the BioNova Biodigester with your food waste

  • The BioNova process provides optimum conditions for microbes to break down organic materials, including cellulose, to a valuable powder.

  • The automatic decomposition of the material takes just 24 hours, leaving you with a valuable biofuel for a biomass boiler that will provide low-cost heating and hot water.
Organic waste as food waste or horse- and chicken manure will be converted to a dry biomass fuel with higher energy content than wood and similar to coal. When more than 1 ton of waste you will save money with this BioNova system. Perfect for Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals and Food Industries